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Make money using fiverr

One of the easiest and simplest ways to earn money online is to publish your skills and services on websites like Fiverr Freelancer Upwork and then you can start earning money online by providing your services as a freelancer, today I will show you five Show Services  Five Gigs You Can Publish Today And Start Making Money Online Even If You Have No Skills   Zero Knowledge. Pohto Making Now you can tell me hey i don't know photoshop i don't know how to work with images and editing and likewise don't worry i will show you in a minute now how we can remove background of any image in one go click but before we go to Fiverr and see here we have a lot of gigs that provide this service remove background image you can see these gigs, i will do photo background removal and so on  So we how to remove an image background just go to this awesome website for image editing and creating photos and thumbnails and ebooks etc and now just click on create a design and click on anyt

Earn Money Online in India for Students Without Investment

Every student of India keeps looking for a good way to earn online but he gets disappointed because he does not find a way by which he can run his pocket money.

Because of this, we will tell you some of the best ways by which you can double your pocket money and all these methods will be best for working online, so let's start.


Section 1: Work from Home

This method will be completely free and you can get a great number of websites that hire students for their work, so you can choose any of these sites.

Create a profile, upload a good photo of yourself and submit a resume. If you have decent grades and GPA, and know how to write well, you can surely get a job quickly.

If you do not have a good career or high GPA or if you do not have any job skills, then that's not a problem, you can still try any of the other ways of earning money online.

Section 2: Take Care of Home Business

If you have any business at home and you want to sell stuffs online, then take care of your business and buy and sell some of the stuffs or offer a service.

Make an account on a site like Ali Express and buy stuffs, sell stuffs, or offer services.


Become a freelancer

One of the most popular ways to earn money online is to become a freelancer in India. For making this amount, you need to register with any website where people are looking for freelancers. After joining a website, you can start your journey.

You have to create a profile on that website, and you can offer your services for making a tutorial for free to the customers. You can upload a picture and other relevant information for your profile. Then, you should become an independent freelancer to earn money online without having investment.

Here is the easy step by step guide to become a freelancer in India.
Just start your journey
Create your profile on an online freelancer website. Use the help of a lot of pictures and other details.

Become a blogger

Being a blogger or a online writer can be a great way to earn money without investing a single penny. However, if you are not a proficient writer and you are not comfortable with social media, you may not want to go ahead with this. But if you are a person who has a beautiful handwriting, than this is your best option to earn money.

One needs to learn blogging skills and if you are good at writing, you can write about a variety of topics related to different subject areas. Once you write a blog, you will earn money by promoting your posts on social media. If you are good at writing and have an eye for grammar, you will earn good money.

It is easy to set up a blog for students and only require an e-mail ID which is not already registered with one.

Become a content creator

Many entrepreneurs have decided to create videos to promote their products and services. The best way to achieve this is to become a YouTube content creator.

So, let us see the steps which one has to follow for becoming a YouTube content creator.

1. Create original videos

The first step is to create an original video. All the content creators use these videos as promotion tools to reach the target audience. If you want to promote your own blog then just find something that you can make original and then share your videos through social media and e-mails.

2. Get quality YouTuber badges

Apart from creating original content, if you are a YouTuber, then you must create different types of content. To promote it, you have to follow certain rules.


Try Freelancing Platforms

This is one of the best ways by which you can make money online. You can make money without investing money but with just a little sacrifice. You just need to find a website that will help you in the process of freelancing. The website where you can apply is a website where people like you can earn money online without investing in any of these freelancing platforms.

Here is a list of some of the freelancing platforms:

Go where you like to do the task. There are many online where people like you can offer their services like blogging, web designing, online marketing and many others. The biggest advantage of doing these jobs is that these jobs are very easy and can be completed in just a day or two.


Fiverr is one of the best online marketplaces where you can buy and sell services of any kind. So if you have a skill to offer, you can sell it on Fiverr. And there is another great reason for this to become one of the most sought-after portal. Apart from earning money, you can make friends with some of the world's smartest and talented people.

Skill and Knowledge Exchange

Skill-based exchange platforms like Steezit will help you learn new skills and add a dimension to your learning ability. So you can learn something new from them anytime you want. You can learn and listen to about almost every topic under the sun.

Free Content Sharing

Some of the best websites like DailyO, Hindi Express, and Scroll.


This is one of the most popular online platform which is used by working professionals.

As this platform has millions of talented freelancers, it is not an issue to find a suitable job for you. For this, all you have to do is just create a profile on the Upwork platform.

When you create your profile, you need to upload some sample of your work. You will then be redirected to the candidate page. You then have to fill in all the details and then make your payment for your jobs and will be able to find job opportunities related to your interest.

Apart from this, you can also find jobs related to graphic designing, web designing, computer programming, fashion designing, content writing, or any other skill.

Get Paid to Surf Websites

This method is best for students of under 18 because they are still young, and they don't have the money to pay any full-time job. All you have to do is simply surf the Internet. Every Internet surfers usually gives away some credits so that you can earn some extra money to get something for the evening.

You have to read these free tutorial to learn how to surf the internet and also get the credits.

Earn Money from Texting

Most of the girls will like to earn some money from their favorite cell phone, but they do not know how to get the job. If you know how to text correctly, then you can earn big money by using that skill. All you have to do is get a few credits on a given number, and you can start texting.

Make Money from Videos on YouTube

One of the most famous places where you can earn from any content, YouTube is one of the richest companies that exist on this world and also, its earnings are among the highest. In India, we can find many private videos that upload their videos on YouTube, the main reason is that most of the people are not interested to run their pocket money on these paid videos because they have an option that offers good money for their videos.

You can make money by making these videos by showing your creativity and creativity is not very difficult to get because these days we have many gadgets like video camera, camcorder, phones, computers and also we can learn our own methods like people did in the past.

We have explained to you 5 most popular ways through which you can earn money online but we want you to understand that the most important thing which is not mentioned here is that the key is to find an online job where you will get paid to work and you will never have to work for long hours and with great responsibility because you will have to pay only some part of the income to the company and you will get to work for free only for the remaining amount.

If you have any doubt in any of the methods mentioned above, then you can drop your comment down below and we will surely answer all of them in a comment.

In this way, we have provided you some of the best online ways by which you can make money online and you can double your pocket money without investing a penny.


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